Tracenite Jasper Rough

Tracenite is found near Lakeview Oregon and is highly prized by local lapidaries. It is a colorful, hard Jasper found in the volcanic lava flows of the area. There are no mines so the source is limited to what intrepid collectors gather.

Rough is available here in 3 grades:

Grade 1 whites/color.......$20/lb

Grade 2 has color............$35/lb

Grade 3 (premium)..........$70/lb

Note: I have been collecting this for aproximately 15 years and in those years I have only collected about 100 pounds of premium grade. This shows how hard to find this material can be.

Update!! August 13th 2002

After 3 trips to the Tracenite area and a total of 5 days of collecting of material a total of 5 pounds of Premium Grade material was all that was found. This after using an ATV and over 40 miles of driving and what seemed like twice that on foot this is the total for the season. Tracenite is getting very hard to come by and looks like will be unheard of in the very near future.



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