Sunstone Rough

Sunstone is an ancient gem, in fact sunstones have
been discovered in Viking burial mounds. It was thought that the sunstone aided in navigation.
Formed and crystalized in a lava flow, Sunstone is a member of the feldspar group
of minerals and is closely related to Moonstone. These produce two types of material, one
that is cut en-cabochon or made into beads like opal or jade and the other is faceted like
a diamond or saphire.
The cabochon and bead material exhibits a unique visual phenomenon known as "schiller"
which is caused by millions of microscopic copper platelets. These copper platelets reflect
light with varying intensities depending on their concentrations. The "schiller" phenomenon
makes the stone appear to glow even when viewed from a distance.
It has been suggested that Sunstone would be an excellent alternative to Peridot as
the August birthstone. When set alone or in combination with other gems, Sunstones make a
fabulous addition to any collection.
Until recently Sunstone was available only in limited quantities
and poor grade.In the early 1990's location of three different deposits in Oregon have made it
possible for top-grade rough and cut stones to be readily available at competitive prices.
The faceting material comes in a wide range of colors and properties, some of them being
unique to Sunstone.The Rabbit Hills material (offered here) is mainly facet-grade.

This being our premium Reds and Greens. Instead of being $65/ct for this quality of rough ours is $25 per gram!

This being our medium Reds and Greens. Instead of being $50/ct for this quality of rough ours is $15 per gram!

All our Pinks are hand selected after they have been washed and cleaned, they are light, medium, and intense Pink schillered that become what we call Mine Run Grade.

MRG Pink Sunstone rough is $3.00 per gram.

MRG Pink Sunstone rough sampler of 25 gms is $25

MRG Pink Sunstone rough 100 gm lots are $200

MRG Pink Sunstone rough 500 gm lots are $750

MRG Pink Sunstone rough 1 Kilo lots are $900

Larger quantities enquire.


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