Ordering Information

Here at Triple A Rock Shop, our policy is, " the more you buy, the better the price!" So, for those of you that are wanting more than just a few pounds of our materials that we offer, sometimes the price becomes better than you had thought. The same goes for our cabs, slabs, jewelry and etc.

It is in your best interest that if your looking for something in particular to ask and see if we have the item that your looking for. Just write it down on an e-mail and send to our attention and I assure you that we'll get right back to you. If we don't have what you're looking for we'll inform you of our findings and if we can, we'll give information as to where or who has what you're looking for.

There will be NO California sales!

Ordering: please take the time to write out your request on an e-mail and send it. As soon as we receive your initial e-mail it will be responded by a return e-mail acknowledging your order and a few simple questions as to shipping and / or handling. We at Triple A Rock Shop try and have what you order boxed up and shipped as soon as possible after ordering.

Shipping: We ship by way of United Parcel Service and then e-mail you with the tracking number so as you can follow its arrival. Small items will be shipped according to your preferred method. If you should want the items of your order insured, please let us know at the time of ordering so it can be added to your shipping estimate.

Payment: personal checks and business checks are held for clearance at our bank, cashiers checks and bank drafts are as good as gold and the items are sent as soon as possible.


We at Triple A Rock Shop, hope that you have enjoyed your travels through our website and have had to grab a paper towel or two in order to wipe up and clean up. We would also appreciate you coming back as often as you like and checking in as to see what else is new in the shop. We are always adding new material to the shop from local and international sources. So please have a great day, from all of us here at Triple A Rock Shop.

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