Obsidian Rough

Of all of the Obsidian locations I have been to I favor the Davis Creek Rainbow (above) and the Lassen Creek Electric Blue (following picture). Every bit of material we have on hand is select material.

The polished specimen on the left is Lassen Creek Electric Blue and Davis Creek Rainbow and the right

For many years now I have offered this fine material of Rainbow and Electric Blue Obsidian at what I thought was a fair market value. Thanks to the economy and the United States Forestry Department the prices had to be raised to a level to keep mining this material. With the fuel costs as well as the mining bond for the U.S.F.D. I had no choice but to raise my price and do apologize for this increase.

Davis Creek Rainbow Obsidian rough is available for: $5.50

Lassen Creek Electric Blue Obsidian rough is available for: $7.50 SOLD OUT 


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