**** Going out of Business ****

FALL OF 2020

After some 46 years now in this business of collecting, mining, cutting rock and making jewelry I am very pleased to announce that the shop has been sold. A couple from Salem, Oregon was kind enough to step up and purchase all of the rough rock as well as some of the equipment. It has been sad for me to watch it go but that time did come and it was necessary release the ties I had on the shop. I will miss it terribly! I do want to express that I have some finished jewelry and opals left and one collection of the ever famous Priday Plume that needs a new home. There are now over 1,700 slabs, heels and eggs which all are showing plumes and is for sale. In 2007 Johnny and Casey Richardson both looked at the collection when there was only 1,650 pieces and if it wasn’t for them starting a cutting house in Madagascar they would have bought the collection because they had never seen that much Priday in one collection in one place, ever! They appraised it all then for approx... $175,000.00 and now there has been more added. I am asking $18,500 for the entire collection. Anyone wanting the material needs to think about coming and picking up the material as shipping and insurance would be extremely high, higher than a drive to our location and picking it up. If it does not sell from the Internet it will be at the Prineville Rock Show in June as I plan on being there to sell off my opals as well as other items from the shop and silversmithing tools. I would like to thank all of our customers who shopped with us and bought items that you may never see again. It was fun while it lasted!

Any and all sales are now final.

There will be NO California sales!

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