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After some 42 years in this business of collecting, mining, cutting rock and making jewelry that the time has come since now I have health issues to close our business operation all together and sell what is left at our costs and some below our costs. When we started selling off the business in 2014 we had some 125 ton of rock around the shop and now we would be hard pressed to have 20 ton as it has been a very successful liquidation so far. But, we have a lot to sell off yet and the word is sell! Much of our materials start at a price of 50 cents a pound and does not go over $5.00 a pound but you must purchase the entire bin or named material to get the discounted pricing. Sorry but shipping is not an option unless approved! There has been many that have come here with an expectation of getting rock at their prices of 5 cents or 10 cents a pound and that has not worked for either of us. What I am doing is selling at what I paid for the materials or less as the junk was hauled off years ago as I was not going to be known for carrying low quality rock or junk. We have made some awesome friends as well as had some fantastic trips, shows and some of the best times in life with this business. But because of health problems we are just unable to travel that much and lifting now has its limits which have diminished our abilities to carry on. Like I say we have several tons of material that are available for sale in the rough which some is new and many are old stock as well as many collections, gems, cabs that are ready to be bought by other rock hounds so they can carry on with this hobby. ((Sorry but all of the equipment has been sold already!)) Owyhee Jasper, Hubbard Basin Wood, Priday Thunder Eggs, Utah Bog Wood as well as many more favorites that has been collected over the past 42 years are now for sale. You may want to check out our “Specials Page” hot link on the category page for names of materials.

Now the key word here is to sell out and not give away as I’m not affiliated with E-Bay! Anyone with a fair and honest offer will be addressed but anyone who wants to come here and offer maybe 5 to 10 cents a pound for all would be better off to stay home and it would be appreciated if you do so if this what you have in mind. So, bring your pickup and trailer, truck or semi-truck and get some of the best rock at my cost, or below, for your sales and shows as we are done and want to enjoy what life we have left together and see things we missed out on over the years. To those we have served over the years we thank you for your patronage and your support in our business and too many, please allow us to help you in our final sales.

Any and all sales are now final.

There will be NO California sales!

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Here at Triple A, Nothing is Impossible!

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