Crazy Lace Agate Rough

This Crazy Lace Agate was brought into Idaho in the back of a Model A pick-up in 1942. This rare old material is available here while supply lasts.


After 5 years of selling this material and having some 4 1/2 ton, we are now down to a "Very Limited" supply of the hand selected material left for sale and all are large pieces. I am also dangerously low on selling another grade that was not advertised I have chosen to call "My Stash" which is still available for sale, but again is " Very Limited"! When it is gone, there will be no more for sale in the rough and from then on will be sold by the slab when available.

I do have hand-selected RED Crazy-Lace Agate that makes the material in the above pictures take a back seat.

Please email for details and quantity pricing.
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